1952 BSA D.1 Bantam

also known as " The Mighty Chicken"

This machine has recieved a total engine rebuild, together with moderate tuning that involved porting, raising the crankcase compression, and raising the cylinder compression ratio from 6.5:1 to 8.6:1, hand-cutting a mild squish-band onto the cylinder head.
The owner uses this machine for daily commuting to and from work over distances of around 30 miles each way, as well as for light off-road riding at the weekends.
One of the hardest jobs was to avoid disturbing the thick and extremely well-ripened encrustations of grease and road- dirt ( it would have broken the owners heart if we'd cleaned it ! )
A true working machine, this one earns its keep every day of the week with its reliability and formidable economy of operation.

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