Ex- Moto-cross 500cc TriBSA

(desert racer)

Shown here as it arrived, in a sad and sorry state of utter dereliction, with a beautiful all-alloy TR5 engine that told a terrible tale of woe.
A total rebuild was required, even the cylinder liners had been mismatched to the cylinder barrels, causing serious warping of the cylinder head. They were removed and re- machined in-house, and the head skimmed to reinstate the flatness.
New main bearings, big-end shells, and a reground crankshaft were also fitted.
The valve guides were all renewed, one of them having disintegrated up as far as the base of the valve-spring and causing much damage to both the piston and the cylinder head in the process.
The camshafts were T.100 race-kit items, and the engine photos show part of the process of setting up the valve timing on the bench.
And after our complete restoration of this bike, it has been transformed into this; a fine example of a mid-1950s Californian Desert Racer that looks , sounds,and performs as it should do.
Many hand-built components were used in the construction of this machine, in order to attain the required aspect of compact tidiness essential for its styling , from mudguard stays, rear seat-loop, oil-tank mounting platform and seat mounts, all were fabricated in-house using traditional benchwork and bronze-welding methods.
The aluminium front race-plate is rubber-mounted onto the head-yokes via fabricated, bronze-welded bracketry.
The high-level straight-through exhausts have been lightly muted in order to reduce the noise level below the pain threshhold , but still emit a thunderous rasp of truly epic proportions.
The riding experience is anything but banal and anodyne;it is an awesome and primaeval thing indeed, a counterblast to the creeping Lilliputianism of our times......
Wind that throttle on !

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