George's Race gallery

George has spent a lot of his life involved with the racing of bikes the following pictures are taken from that prestigious career.

(Picture left) Our 1964 Bonneville very well known at Brands. very standard except for USA type exhausts used with UK long silencers. Very fast and reliable.We used this engine in various frames throughout our racing years.

(Picture right) Peter Butler coming through to win at Snetterton on our 1965 thruxton.

George Hopwood, Peter Butler and Dave Nixon at the Swedish GP Anderstorp 1970

500 Triumph
Graham Bailey, the Flying copper,at the IOM on a 500cc Triumph.

(Picture left) Peter Butler on our T120 in 1968.
This machine, much developed over the seasons,was a consistent winner in both Production and Open class racing.

(Picture right) Peter Butler, a very talented rider died of cancer March 1991.
Really missed,never forgotten

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