1970 BSA A.65T Thunderbolt


Completely rebuilt from a basket case, this machine has our hard-chromed timing-side main bearing conversion, line-bored here, 7 : 1 compression pistons, and an aftermarket race cam giving 0.350" inlet lift,and which necessitated the use of ultra-high-quality racing valve springs. 

The brakes were prepared in-house to stand hard, fast, A-road usage, and are superbly effective. The machine is a delight to ride, and is notable for its smooth but considerable power, even on low throttle openings. Once fully run in, it will be a very capable heavyweight twin of its era, flickable,and with effortless ability to cover distance. The exhaust note is a lightly muted and wonderfully mellifluous fluid roar,absolutely beautiful!

Hence its nickname.





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