T.110 engined , Norton wide line featherbed-framed Triton, built to the idea of "The Alloy Dream " .The engine was comprehensively rebuilt, as was the gearbox and primary transmission, which now uses a dry clutch for tidiness and oil-tightness. The belt-guard had not yet been installed at the time of these photographs, but is of a cutaway aluminium type, with pop-riveted construction and a polished but patinated finish.
The machine arrived as a very rough assemblage of parts, and in an extremely sorry internal condition.
The engine has been prepared to an early T.120 Bonneville state of tune, as well as being completely rebuilt.
The gearbox has been completely re-bushed , and has had all its bearings replaced, along with main components that had proved to be defective during test assembly procedures.
Completely rewired , using modern materials, the switchgear has been modified to a handlebar-top milled aluminium binnacle arrangement, which is both tidy, stylish, and effective. Ignition kill button and horn-push are in thumb-reach positions.

Loud and Proud ? It most certainly is.....

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