Race and other pictures

Test session , Croix-en-Ternois , France, 1997

Jehonville village, Belgium, in 1998


All the pictures in this first section are of Dave Hopwood racing and test driving on the demanding closed-road circuits of Continental Europe, Scandinavia, and Ireland.



Flat out on the B.50 at the Skerries 100 in Ireland

BSA B.50, Chimay, Belgium, 1999

BSA B.50, Jehonville village, Belgium, in 1999

BSA B.50, Jehonville village, Belgium, in 1999

Ducati, Lydden, in Kent, in 1995

BSA B.50, Chimay, Belgium, 1999

The following are other projects which have been and are being restored by Hoppy Bikes to their former glory.


Best example of the T120 in its last year of oil tank form 1970. This bike restored within time scale and cost.
500cc T100 in 1979 form. A rebuild with many stainless parts and Boyer ignition, power box and genuine Lucas winkers. All paintwork done in house and all parts NOS or best repro.



1932 250 4-valve Rudge sprinter.

Engine completely rebuilt, rebored, valve-gear overhauled and new extra rigid pushrods made from HT3- dural thick walled tube, using case-hardened EN36 steel ends. The first time it ran it pulled a 17.1 second quarter at London City Airport. Not bad!


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