1949 Sunbeam S7 Deluxe

On this page the result of many hours of toil ! From start to ending.......

The engine has been completely rebuilt from scratch, as have the gearbox and final - drive unit.The frame has been shot-blasted and stove-enamelled, as has all the tinware.
The front fork stanchions have been straightened, hard-chromed, and reground to size ; the brakes have been relined oversize and machined to the drum diameter of the respoked wheels.

The work on the engine included the reboring of the block, facing of cylinder head and block, together with the manufacture of a spacer-shim to retain valve-to-piston clearances, as well as the spigoting of the oil-feed between the head and the block. A new camshaft, together with re-profiled followers was fitted, along with new valves, valve-guides, and valve-springs.

Oil-seal wear grooving on the flywheel boss was also repaired, and a half-time pinion sprocket repair achieved .
Completely recabled and rewired, the restored machine also shows off its new stainless steel exhaust system and pantograph seat very nicely.

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