A65 Lightning Clubman: The Pelican


This is a 1964 A.65 Lightning Clubman, brought in to us for a full engine rebuild, with improvements incorporated.
The timing side main bush was replaced and line bored in correct alignment,with the timing side crank journal being hard-chromed and precisely ground to clearance. The connecting rods were replaced with stee-capped A.70 items,with the big end shells of the much superior copper-lead type. The camshaft has been reground to the full Spitfire profile, and the cam followers re-radiused to suit.
Moving up the engine, the cylinder barrels have been sleeved back to standard using top-hatted liners for security of fixture ,and are running 8:1 compression pistons .The cylinder head bolt threads in the barrel have all been replaced with precisely installed inserts in order to reinforce the threads,which had become fatigued and rather suspected of creeping under load over the past 44 years.  Both the cylinder barrels and the cylinder head have been skimmed to remove imperfections in the sealing surfaces.
The exhaust valve seats have been replaced to enable running on lead-free petrol, and the valve springs are high-quality racing items . The valve rocker Thackeray washers have been replaced with phosphor bronze spacers to reduce friction,and thus aid valve control.
A paper cartridge oil filter was installed in the return line to the oil tank as an aid to engine longevity.
Which brings us to the question : How did this machine get to be known as The Pelican ?
Well, it's a heavyweight long-distance flier,
With a large bill...........

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