A word from the wise

We've had much feedback from happy customers of completed projects; sending pictures of themselves and giving us their hearty thanks. So instead of us "blowing our own horns", we decided to reveal to you what our customers say about us and the quality of our workmanship.

"Dear All,

What can I say ? The mysteries of the universe were revealed to me this weekend via the reinicarnated 'Beam. A magnificent 60+ miles of summer biking through Derbyshire countryside and in the Sheffield area with Bern on his 350 Bullet leading the way and me following (at a suitably sedate pace) close behind. The old girl performed flawlessly throughout, though we had to pullover a couple of times to tighten the odd nut and bolt.

As Bern remarked in his recent email, such FUN !

Thanks for all the hard work - the end result was worth the wait and every penny spent.

With Best Regards, John

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