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Triumph T120 & T100 production racing parts to "Thruxton" specification


1.a. "Spitfire" camshafts E6867-9 (nitride) T120 1966 onwards 280 pair

   b. Camshafts E4220-6147 T120 (1965 Thruxton) 220 pair

   c. Special camshafts also available - T120 &T100 (hardfaced)(to order)


2.a. 3 inch radius tappets, 1966 short type - T120 or T100

45 each

   c. Long push rods for 1966 tappets T120 or T100 40 set of 4


3. Tappet blocks for 3 inch tappets (E7662) T120 or T100 requires barrel to be machined to fit 40 each


4. Boyer Bransden electronic ignition set T120 & T100 Various models to order


5. Lucas/PVL 6 and 12v coils are available 35 each


6. Close ratio 4 speed gearset and shafts T120 450

       (may be best mix of used and new parts) T100 500


7. Standard 5-speed gearset and shafts and quadrants T120/T140 (Full conversion kit)  - (to order)


8. Cylinder head gas flow, racing valves & guides, lead free valveseats

(to order)


9. Carb. rubber tube inlet adaptors (various) - 50 - 100 a pair.


10. Thruxton exhaust pipes (with balance tube)

a.       1965 short pipes T120 - 250 set

b.      1966 tuck under engine T120 - 250 set

c.       1968 swept over gearbox T120 - 250 set


11. Thruxton silencers

a.       Long T120 only 1965 300 pair

b.      1966 onwards Short T120 and T100 - 300 pair


12. Silencer front brackets to frame (state which exhaust type) 20 pair


13. Silencer rear stays (Stainless Steel) - 20 pair


14. Racing seat steel base, hinged LH side, black vinyl. T120 &T100 - 175

     (Fits exactly as standard dualseat to steel petrol tank)


15. Racing seat glassfibre base. Fits only with 5 gallon tank (not hinged) - 150


16. 5 gallon alloy petrol tank. Monza cap T120 and T100 (polished) - To Order


Decals 10 pair


17. Tank fitting kit (strap, hook and spigots) - 30


18. Oil tank and side cover cut-away for long carb. Bell mouths. External filler cap (T120 only) - (State year) 350 pair

(Try part exchange we modify your old tank)


19. Avon type 3-piece fairing with headlamp provision, all brackets and clear screen T120 and T100 - 600


20. Top half fairing with headlamp provision. All brackets and clear screen T120 and T100 - 450


21. Thruxton handlebars T120 and T100 (shallow drop) - 35


22. Rearset footrest, folding RH side T120 and T100 - 35

Use pillion footrest


23. Clip on handlebars T120/T100 - 60


24. Brake pedal and rearset footrest LH side T120 and T100 - 80


25. Rearset gear lever T100. Curved over kick-start - 90


26. Cranked Kickstart to match rearset gearlever T100 - 90


27. Cranked Kick-start for T120 - 80


28. Footrest extension for use with T120 4C exhausts 6


29. Steering lockstops for use with low handlebars T120 and T100 - 40 pair (State UNF or cycle thread pinch bolts)


30. Short front forks stanchions (shuttle type) racing - 130 pair


31. Short front fork spring to suit. T100 only 60 pair


32. 750cc conversion from 650. Fits without mods. Iron barrel and pistons c/w gasket (MORGO also available) 380


33. Alloy Clutch Drum T100/T120 Hard faced Alloy Weight 60g (Standard Drum 140g) -



34. Alloy Clutch Friction Plates. Set of 6 weight 45g (standard set 100g) -

8 each


35. T100 HC Pistons 10:1 various sizes. - To order


36. T120 HC Pistons 11:1 - To order



Prices current for May 2017. Prices are subject to change.



Plus any other standard or Thruxton parts.

If any of our selection takes your fancy please contact us via the Online form and we shall talk turkey!


Cheques should be made payable to GEORGE HOPWOOD with reasonable UK postage added. Overseas postage, please enquire for a quote.

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